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About me

Posted on May 10, 2017 by in News |

Hi! My name is Greg.

I live near Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway but originally I am from Poland. I collect porcelain few years now and i can say quite a lot about it. I am mostly interested in “not Porsgrund, probably tysk” type of porcelain produced before World War II and as there was many manufactures in Europe which exported their products to Scandinavia at this time, there is plenty of pieces to be discovered and identified. There are few hundreds pieces in my collection (more than 95% bought here in Norway),  so it will take some time to post it all online. I can also identify many objects which seems to be Porsgrund but, unfortunately (not for me of course) are not. There are many reasons for that like identical forms or decors used by many manufacturers, or fact, that not only Porsgrund put number of decor underneath. Knowledge of how porcelain and decorations were made in different factories in different periods can also be very helpful. Although mentioned steps are very basic and sometimes not enough for proper identification of unmarked porcelain this is what i like the most – searching, analysing and looking for the right answer to the question “Who and when made it?”.


In future, when i will manage to post more of my porcelain collection i will create smart searching options for browsing through decors or forms.


I hope some of you will find this website interesting and maybe even helpful in identifying objects from your own collections. I don’t want advertisements on my website and i also want everyone to have access to it so, please support my project if you like what I am doing!